Welcome to 6 Angry Alpha Nerds! We promise regular posts of varying levels of obscurity and rage.  Our blog is great because we guarantee original content, fresh rage every day and a range of horrible biases.

First though, let me introduce you to the team!

wildfillysama is moderately obsessed with horses and poetry and is flat broke as a result. She posts on Monday.

Windfyre is our resident try-hard, trying his best to make a funny.  You can safely ignore him.  He posts on Tuesday.

anit the Flea is the crazy cat lady (currently 4 owned, 5 fostering and a drifter/home invader) and aspiring real estate representative. She posts on Wednesday.

lorekai is an avid fan of jrpgs and eclectic anime, enough said. She posts on Thursday.

Friday is the group free-for-all. Nothing of real importance will be discussed here, only rage and coffee. So tune in!

EbolaBooze is a mad scientist, which is honestly just too much hard work. There’s a lot of rage here. He has claimed Saturday as his first step to world domination, or something like it.

marsy is the internet in a nutshell – random crap and rage. Tune in on Sundays for things she likes.

Also, it is safe to assume that 6 Angry Alpha Nerds is not safe for work.

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