Introduction Post: Windfyre

Creativity is kind of like a bad boss.  You sit there at your desk making paper planes and counting the pixels on your computer screen, and even though Murphy’s law says that’s when they should appear, you stay un-creative (dis-creative? anti-creative?) and care-free.

But when the guilt finally gets the better of you, and you start doing your work, and you’re busy, that is when creativity shoves itself into your cubicle, loudly talking about their pet cat and micro-managing the shit out of you.

Creativity only punches me in the mouth when I have something I’d rather be doing, like counting my money, or glazing over in front of the TV.  Blogs like this exist for people who are an endless fount of creativity, it’s pouring out of them non-stop, like a cement truck on a convertible.  I hate them.

6 Angry Alpha Nerds is a group of people who want to give our audience the time and attention they deserve, and we’re spreading the load to do it.  You may notice we only post once a week, but what that means for you is daily updates, several fresh perspectives and a continuous flow of creative talent.  And me, on Tuesdays.

No fucks

I love to rant, to write, to draw.  I’d also like to give you a little taste of musical creativity down the track.  Maybe if I’m lucky, I’ll find that once a week just isn’t enough.

Look for us here, at

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