Introduction Post: EbolaBooze

EbolaBooze is composed of three parts bad ideas, two pounds high explosive, on average 60 decilitres of ethanol at any given point, at least 225% SUPER SCIENCE, and exactly zero regard for SI notation when describing himself.

His interests range from (but are certainly not limited to) scientific research for the betterment (and detriment) of humanity, writing and sketching, various computer games, and especially astrophotography.

I’m hoping that EbolaBooze’s Fortnightly Astrophotography Corner will become something that excites and fascinates readers of 6 Angry Alpha Nerds, and maybe will inspire some budding astronomers to get into this wonderful, time-consuming, and expensive (but ultimately incredibly rewarding) hobby. Here’s a sneak peek at what it’ll be all about.

Eagle Nebula narrowband crop

Alternating weeks will run the gamut from gaming and lowbrow internet culture, to discussions of the latest research to come out the most cutting-edge labs in the world.

As a rule, you can expect statistically significant portions of my posts related to the biomedical sciences to be composed of scientific jargon with a heaping of deeply held and carefully stoked resentment for governmental funding bodies and some large biotechnology companies. Fortunately for those with a less specialised education, that certainly won’t be everything I’ll be posting.


Look forward to more awesome content from the rest of the contributors, and stay angry my friends.

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