Fanfiction is training wh- nah, lets do that later.

Lets not do that post until next week. Now, I know I already wrote my introduction post.  And it was great.  It was about me, after all.  But I know you want more. So, let’s talk about me.

I’m what you’d call unclassically dishandsome.  It’s what you’d get if you said someone was ugly but tried to make it sound like a compliment.  And yet I look great.  I’m styling like a Christmas tree and a park bench had a baby.  What does that mean?  I don’t even know, but I assume it means I have something of a wooden expression.

I’m all about the reading. In school, teachers would literally have to pull a book out of my cold, dead fingers (poor circulation maybe? I’ve never heard any complaints) if they wanted me to pay attention.  But secretly, I am passionate about fan-fiction, I am a connoisseur of the least and most fabulous art-form.  And also the least useful.

I could bore you with musing on my innumerable of interests and hobbies, but that would draw attention away from how you’re now reading this in my sultry yet commanding (and strangely boring) voice.  So have a good think about that, as I wind up to lecturing about everything from cooking to gaming to literature to music (I am amazing at all of these).  You’re going to love reading about me.  Or die trying.

(I believe that any blog post will be improved by adding or die trying.  For future reference, seeing this in my post is an indicator that I don’t even like my own work)

Tune in Tuesday next, where I will atonally muse on the value of fan-fiction to the creative body.  Or maybe I will post some cat-created artwork.  A week is a long time.

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