Growing up boob crazy…

When I was ten years old I asked my mum, an artist and fashionista, to show me how to draw people. Before that I exclusively drew animals, pokemon and inanimate objects.

I wanted to draw an original character for Digimon. Oh sweet Jesus, thank God I don’t know where that first picture is. You’ve seen the characters 10 year olds design right?

Anyway, my first drawings were of equally prepubescent girls in ordinary kid clothes, albeit with the tragic twist of a child’s colour co-ordination. I stopped watching Digimon and started watching Dragonball Z. Then I moved onto Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040. And then came Ranma 1/2…


The spiral into my perverted state began back there. I love that show – it’s utterly pointless fan service. This is what happened when an adult first saw my drawings.


-anit the Flea

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