lorekai: I was going to review Tales of Xillia.

But as I writing it I realised that my opinions were very similar to most everyone else who had played the game and reviewed it. So instead of reiterating what everyone else is already saying, I thought I’d give a short  summary of what I think of each of the Tales of games I’d played, starting from the worst and working my way up. Though before I begin I’d just like to say that none of the Tales of games I’ve played are bad, some are weaker then others but they are all enjoyable games.



Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World:

While it is my least favourite of the Tales of games I’ve played, I think this game gets a bit more hate then it deserves. The story was decent enough to keep me interested, if somewhat contrived at times. The soundtrack was good, though in fairness the majority of it was remixed from the original Symphonia. The voice acting however, while the new characters and those of the original cast who kept their voice actors were, those with changed voices were just wrong. The treatment of the original cast in battle is another flaw it the game, as they only join temporarily and their level is locked. It is however an okay game, worth picking up if you find it cheap, as it is fun to revisit the world of Symphonia and see how it has changed since the events of the first game.



ToGF-US-Box-Art-FullTales of Graces F:

This game disappointed me a lot, to the point that I bought it on release day and I am yet to complete it, the battle system was great, I loved the soundtrack and the story wasn’t bad. But I just hated most of the characters, and it got to the point that I just didn’t care what happened to them anymore. The world also felt really small, empty and just kinda bland, there was nothing that made me stop and just appreciate the work that had gone into the environments. Some people might argue that it’s because it’s a port of a Wii game, but I don’t think that excuses it, Dawn of the New World is a Wii game and it still managed. Overall I’d say that this game lacks a lot of the charm which other Tales of games posses. I plan go back and finish this off eventually as the battle system was a lot of fun, but if it weren’t for it this game would be my least favourite Tales of game.


Next week I’ll be continuing on with this, so hopefully it wasn’t too bad. Thanks for reading!

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