Positive Things to Say About Each Other Or, The Idiot’s Guide to Insulting Compliments


wildfillysama: He sometimes shuts up.

marsy: He makes funny noises when I poke him.

lorekai: His ponytail has finally grown to a length where he doesn’t look like a seedy film producer.

Windfyre: His house smells like Chinese food, and that’s okay.

anit the flea: I’ve had a beer and a half and you’re not remarkable enough to insult.


EbolaBooze: This is why I drink.



EbolaBooze: You embody the internet. All of it.

wildfillysama: You didn’t vomit across as much of the hallway as you could have.

lorekai: You lent me stuff today so I can’t be mean.

Windfyre: Your friends make you look great.

anit the flea: Big boobied bitch.


marsy: I will take these all as compliments.


Anit the Flea:

EbolaBooze: People are wrong, you’re not a crazy cat lady; you’re not lady-like.

wildfillysama: Your mangling of words makes my Phd relevant.

Windfyre: The farts against my leg help me sleep, they remind me you care.

lorekai: You can’t really follow that one up.

marsy: You’d better hope she doesn’t follow that one up!


anit the Flea: *prrrrt*



wildfillysama: You’re not always outwitted by the pony.

marsy: When I look at you I feel more adequate as a person.

lorekai: You tell the most reasonable and believable stories about your life.

EbolaBooze: You embody the luck of the Irish.

anit the Flea: So many to pick from.


Windfyre: I’ve never been lucky in my life.



wildfillysama: Your motorbike is the whingiest thing in the house.

Windfyre: You’re the most exciting person I’ve met, who lives in an attic.

EbolaBooze: At least it’s not a basement, also I’d be very surprised if you grew a neckbeard.

marsy: When we call you spaghetti we do so affectionately.

anit the Flea: You were one of the first people I liked to draw, because you have an interesting face.


lorekai: I don’t know what to say about this, at least it stopped before they started comparing me to my cat…



marsy: I’m sure your Ph.D. will mean something to somebody. Also don’t put hay in the car.

Windfyre: Parties become a riot when you’re drinking. Anit the Flea got stuck up a tree, jim-jim-juree.

EbolaBooze: You’re certainly not the worst option. Here’s to six years of bad decisions.

anit the Flea: You’re my best friend by process of elimination.

lorekai: Your cooking only made me throw up blood once.


wildfillysama: My beer consumption rate makes it hard to think of a decent response. Shut up poetry degree.


6 Angry Alpha Nerds out.


PS. Next Friday’s Free For All will be murder and vengeance.

One response to “Positive Things to Say About Each Other Or, The Idiot’s Guide to Insulting Compliments

  1. I am laughing so hard I . can’t . breathe .
    If I die expect an irate email from my supervisor (not because I am important, just because it will muck up his next performance review).

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