Unemployment is hard.

So I am not working at the moment, well, I am working, but in the position of house-hubbie.  It’s a lot harder than it sounds.  There are a million and one cats, and the cleaning is never-ending.  The thing about having non-scheduled work though, is that you are at everyone’s beck and call.

So someone I know is selling their house, and they have literally never cleaned their oven or air-conditioners.  They are filthy, like, rubella filthy.  Naturally, since I don’t have specific scheduled work, asides from, you know, my volunteer work, I am immediately volunteered as someone who would like to spend the day spraying caustic substances in my immediate atmosphere.

So I volunteer with a cat rescue organisation.  I help lost little kitties find their long-missed homes.  It’s actually quite funny, I was doing one tonight and a lady was saying that every male who has cats and no other animals she has met is a Leo.  Apparently all Leo men are naturally inclined towards felines.  It’s purely a coincidence that I am also a Leo.

I find astrology to be a funny business.  Mostly it’s a cookie cutter if i’m vague enough then i will be right kind of deal, but every know and then someone will have a distressingly accurate observation based on balls of gas.  And also stars.  But the whole magic thing has always been a tricky pile of beans.  I mean, I don’t believe, but you have to respect other people’s belief in Harry Potter.

Harry Potter has the best range of fan-fiction.  If you are uncultured swine, you think that all of it is slash (ie. gay) or 50 Shades of Grey.  Or both.  I’m not judging.  But that is ignoring the literal millions of action, adventure, drama, and romance of a more… not bdsm variety.  Again, not judging,  I mean, if I had a dollar for every time I got tied up, I’d have 73 cents.  And I’d still be richer than I am now.

Money is hard, the whole adage about needing monye to make money is especially applicable when you are me.  Also, I like money, I wish I had more.  Then I wouldn’t have to spend all day cleaning an over and acid washing pavers.

In conclusion, unemployment is hard.

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