My Tiny House

I have a friend who lives in Melbourne. We knew each other in high school and bonded over gothic clothing (designing, not wearing it), humour and a similar experience with pining for a fellow school mate.


About two weeks ago I finally wrote her a letter, which I’ve been meaning to do for an eternity. I was so excited about getting a response that I’ve been pouring all over eBay and Etsy looking for more stationery and what not to write on.


The point is that upon arriving, the letter got lost in my house. Immediately. Before I even opened it.


27115-Cat-eating-paper-gif-JadIWhat is most likely happening.

My house is less than 100 square meters. There are 4 (small) bedrooms and only 1 bathroom. Where does all this stuff go?! One of my foster kittens lost her collar the very day it arrived in the mail!


Her name is Ponyo.

Thoughts on the matter are most welcome.

~anit the Flea

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