wildfillysama: Super Typhoon Usagi

… or something like it. Nothing to do with Sailor Moon. Super Typhoon Usagi hasn’t actually been that bad, to be fair.

For comparison, on the top is what the harbour looks like during merely rather bad weather, but the picture on the bottom was taken during today’s typhoon:

IMG_0378 Photo on 2013-09-23 at 16.48

(Please ignore the ghost bed in the second picture. Trying to get a photo in these conditions with a laptop camera was not fun).

When typhoons arrive in Hong Kong, they are graded according to severity and shops will shut based on this. It takes a lot for shops to shut. At 10pm last night Usagi was upgraded from a T3 to a T8. Highest rating is T10. I decided to cancel my outdoor plans and take up sitting in a blanket quite far from the window, watching the weather with great suspicion. By 3pm however, I was out throwing money away again. May or may not have taken the blanket with me.

On the bright side, apartment buildings rarely sway. If they do, it’s better not to think about it. Drink some beer. Beer is your friend in this case.

Another tip: resist the urge to write poetry. It will always sound trite and awful. Enjoy the typhoon for what it is and leave the keyboard alone. You’ll thank yourself later.

The heavy rain and wind does not quite succeed in bringing down the temperature. When you go outside to see if everything is still standing, the feeling is not unlike standing with your head inside a washing machine. Umbrellas are deadly weapons and puddles take on a new level of horror.

Don’t be alarmed by the number of taxi drivers with their hazard lights on. This is nothing unusual – that’s how they indicate. I wish I were joking. In fairness, it is a pretty accurate representation of the hazard they pose every time they pull in somewhere.

Will be back to regular ranting next week!

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