The Easy Hardness

I Love Videogames.  I don’t think I’m alone in that.  Hell, I don’t think I’m alone in this room in that, and everyone else went to bed a while ago.

However, more and more I am divided from the commoners, as besides a few notable exceptions, I don’t play multiplayer. I don’t like multiplayer.

But why do I play games then, if not for the ability to socialize? (That is a very strange sentence..) I do it because I love plot.

Stories are my life, my blood, a chance for the creative brain juices to escape the white matter and be multicultural in the grey matter.  So I play games that have an interesting tale to tell.  So, some of my favourite games are things like Infinite Undiscovery (JRPG), Jericho (Horror FPS), Force Unleashed (Lucas money-maker) and Halo.

Ah Halo.  Our romance (game-mance?) must wait to be told another day.

So, you can tell a lot about what a person wants from a game by how they play it.  And I play on the easiest difficulty. Because I don’t want to have to grind away, I don’t want to need to utterly master my thumbs before I can take it to the next level (my thumbs and I already have a good rapport, but not a great one).  I want to enjoy a story as much as I do reading a book.  And I don’t care if that’s wrong (It is).

So the next game you play, enjoy the campaign as much as fragging noobs (not current lingo, current lingo is “get on my level, plebs”). After all, you paid for the whole package,

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