Whiteboards: The Oldest Art Medium

Hi all, the gang’s mostly here!  Big miss for our wildfillysama, who is right now 60,000 feet up.  That’s a lot of legs.

So we have done our first joint art project, lay out a whiteboard, and all draw on it.  See if you can figure out who was sitting in which corner, yes, there are five of us.

We had a few themes in mi- DONGSDONGSDONGSDONGS -nd. Consider it rated and NSFW.



So that was a lot of fun.  Then we played hangman until it was time for someone to fetch the horse lady from the airport.  Lots of fun!

Have a great weekend all, and enjoy the long weekend! I don’t know what it;s for, but I’m sure it’s important.

lorekai: Just want to say that I had nothing to with and want nothing to do with the outbreak of dongs…



PS: This is what happens when you leave wildfillysama

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