marsy: Neko Nation

Today I will be writing about Neko Nation – an anime/gaming themed party that several of the angryalphanerds went to last night. It’s always good fun for me, because I’m one of those people who loves to let loose and dance, embracing the fact that I look like an idiot while I do so. The music last night was certainly much better than it has been previous occasions, although there was a distinct lack of anime music for an anime-themed event. After a previous event, it was a great decision made by the Neko Nation people to pump air-conditioning throughout the building. Don’t get me wrong, there was still a horrific wall of heat and B.O. that hit us as we descended into the depths of the hall, but it was a lot less likely to make people pass out. It was also cool enough that I could spend the whole night dancing in a fleece onesie.


The heat was worth it to look as majestic as I did. My only complaint is that a random lady tickled my tummy as she walked past – I guess it was just too tempting! It was surprising that the one in the most clothes was the one inappropriately touched though!


Now for my favourite thing this week – streetpass on 3DS. It really makes my day when I get home from a day out and have gathered heaps of streetpasses (I think I need some new hobbies!).

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