More an In-Joke than a Riddle

This week is a poem. Enjoy!

Two of sable, with hearts fit to rule,

One is a flower, rarest, gathering three,

Standing ‘gainst a machine of war,

Heavy and implacable, alone but for one.

Next is another of the dark brethren,

Like moonlight below, shy in the day.

The Sun and the Moon dance together,

The Sun is courage, love and fire.

The rainbow, all of coloured hue,

It awaits solitude afore it shines.

Smallest and brightest, three deck the halls,

Whence came their names, known to very few,

Bright are their futures, look not to the past.

Last but not least, the oldest and wisest,

Like a cool drink in the desert, a warm pillow at night.

Closest to my heart, nearest to my soul,

They all love to chase a ping pong ball.

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