lorekai: Talks of Tales of part 3!

lorekai here, feeling much better and ready to finish off my talks of Tales of games with my favourite two games in the series. Before I begin though, for anyone who hasn’t read parts one or two they can be found here and here, also for anyone who hasn’t played the games there is a spoiler warning.


Tales_of_Symphonia_case_coverTales of Symphonia:

This was my first Tales of game, an impulse buy that I’ll never regret, as this game is fantastic with a great story, amazing soundtrack and charm in abundance. The battle system is fun, though it does suffer a little from some of the same problems that other games in the series share, in that it can get very repetitive. That however is my only real complaint about the game, as the rest of the game, gameplay wise, is pretty much perfect. Dungeons in this game are a lot of fun, with puzzles that have clear objectives and just enough challenge. The characters are another of the game’s strong points, as while they fit within the expected character archetypes, they’re handled very well and kept from becoming cookie-cutter and stale.  I could speak a lot more about this game, but I’m going to stop myself here and just say that I highly recommended picking up the HD re-release when it comes out next year.


157_eu_360Tales of Vesperia:

I love this game and I would love to just say that it’s flawless and finish off here, but it’s not flawless, the Playstation 3 version with all it’s lovely extras never got an English language release. But the Xbox 360 version is pretty damn great, with the perfect combination of traditional Tales of charm and modern graphics, something neither Xillia or Graces f got quite right, beautiful environments, and the most fun I’ve had with pretty much any battle system, even if some boss fights did result in me running away and spamming Azure Edge. The soundtrack is downright awesome, with my favourite piece, this, coming from this game, as well as many other great tracks. The characters interesting, well fleshed out and there is only one party member that seems vaguely superfluous, though it would have be nice if Estelle had learned to not try to use her powers on absolutely everything. If you can find a copy this game definitely worth picking up, though if you can speak Japanese or have a PS3 that’s really behind on it’s firmware, so you can use the translation patch, I’d go for that version instead.


Thank-you very much for reading, I hope you enjoyed reading my talks of Tales of and as an added extra, and because I enjoyed drawing the pineapple last week, here is a picture of my favourite Tales of character as a pineapple. Thanks again!


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