Purchases that make you go “The hell…?”

It isn’t often that the 6 angry alpha nerds have disposable cash, but surprisingly often we manage to throw it at questionable, weird or regrettable items. This post we tell the story behind some of our more recent, memorably odd purchases.


Windfyre: My worst purchase, as you would expect, happened when I was drunk.  As is common, I was on the borders of bankruptcy, and really should not have been on ebay.  I play magic: the gathering, and take it really seriously, and at the time when Jace, the Mind Sculptor was most expensive, I got into a drunk auction.  As you all know, drunk ebay is deadly.

Anyway, long story short, I won that auction and I won it the hard way.  To this day those cards sit in my secure drawer.  Even though the price has dropped, the amount I paid has made it so that I don’t dare even pull them out of the hard sleeves.  And that is my regret story!


anit the Flea: My worst purchase wasn’t a bad idea at the time but I should have seen it that way; there was a drowned cockroach in it.  My house is was is a dump. The carpet was ripped up because the woman who lived there was agoraphobic and didn’t even let her dogs outside to use the potty.

But it was regrettable in that I had to try and fix it up. It’s been a year and a half and it still isn’t even a fraction of the way there.


lorekai: My most memorable bad purchasing decision, not one I regret though, would possibly my Iron Gate OP. For those of you not familiar with lolita fashion, Iron Gate is a print that regularly goes for more than $1000 second hand. This dress is also the reason that the internet and surgery drugs should not mix.

I had just returned home from having surgery on my wrist, I was feeling very out of it and marsy had gone out to get my painkillers, so I made the wonderfully intelligent decision to check the internet, in particular the lolita comm sales. 980€ is an entirely reasonable price for a dress, when you’re not even entirely sure you like it, right? Fortunately it was a purchase well worth it, as it’s one of my favourite dresses and I’ve received offers of double what I paid for it.


wildfillysama: Money and alcohol often combine in wonderful combinations, often with a special appearance from fandom obsession. I currently own a vast amount of the 1980s cult movie Labyrinth merchandise, all purchased in the same ebay binge. This collection includes the full manga series, comics, novelisation, art book, original release promotional materials and screen shots. I have no idea where to put any of the above. There’s a chance that I’ll frame some of the above in memory of a whole load of money I no longer have.

Oh yeah, and the soundtrack. I can dance magic dance like you wouldn’t believe. Metaphorically speaking.

I’d still kill for Bowie’s jacket in the ballroom scene. Or sacrifice a kidney. Whichever seems more reasonable at the time.


EbolaBooze: I can’t really say that I’ve had a purchase that I’ve gone “wait…. what?” at… I’m the kind of guy that plans purchases for budgets a couple of months (or years) in advance. I have spent ~$10k on telescope bits though, but that was worth every cent. I think if I were to make a purchase that made me go “The hell…?” it would be a genuine M18 GMC Hellcat 76mm gun tank destroyer. 93kph highway speeds, aaaaaaawwww yeah. (I wouldn’t regret it, it would be my daily drive.)


marsy: Before I start, I must shamefully confess that I was the biggest weaboo when I was about 14. I was the proud owner of a Naruto forehead protector, several plush anime characters, posters on my walls and covering my desk, and so many keyrings/figurines of debatable quality from all my favourite animes. Thankfully, I got over that phase, but I still own some of my old merchandise (the pokemon stuff holds a special place in my heart). Several years of regrettable  purchases existed in my room for longer than I’m proud of though.



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