marsy: Random things I see through the window at work.

So, I’m posting this from work because I am a terrible person, but also because I was inspired by what just happened. I was sitting behind the counter, checking through sales for today when I heard an excited shout of “horsies!”. I, understandably, looked outside (feeling slightly confused) and did, in fact, see horses. I should point out that I work in the city centre and don’t tend to see animals wandering about outside. I haven’t rushed out to see them yet because I’m at least slightly responsible and I’m not wildfillysama, but they are still there and really cute. Because it’s school holidays here, my usual entertainment is skateboarding teenagers, but they’re only truly entertaining when they fall down. Horses are a definite improvement.

Some of the other things I’ve witnessed include protests (with very vague signs so I couldn’t tell for a while what was going on), soggy children who have just run through the water feature nearby, loitering teenagers, a random concert once, people in costumes, people in hardly any clothes at all during winter, construction/removal of stalls/tents/stages, the man who always walks past with his shopping trolley of plastic bags in the morning, and the giant green cactus sculpture that cost $1 million to build and I really don’t know why. I have to say, at least there’s always something to look at if I’m bored at work!


Now to finish off with my favourite thing for this week – Animal Crossing. I only bought Animal Crossing a few days ago and I am definitely enjoying it!

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