On Forgetting to Post

Normally I’m the kind of guy that plans things days or weeks in advance, and will have a comfortable buffer of contingencies if something goes wrong/unforeseen circumstances arise. Yesterday was not one of those times. To be honest, I had an astrophotography post I could have made, but they’re every fortnight and the buffer for that particular posting topic is pretty small, I don’t want to be dipping into it so quickly.

You know those days where one job or task leads to another then you get invited to hang out with friends, get called back home to take care of sick family, and suddenly it’s 3am, you’re covered in bacteria-infested phlegm  and you just want to do nothing but sleep? It was one of those days. (I hope you don’t have those days, they are super bad.)


As compensation, have an image I took recently with my old DSLR through a 600mm focal length telescope. This was twenty 30 second exposures stacked, with no dark subtraction or flat fielding, and no guiding either. (I will have a more technical astrophotography post later if you don’t understand these terms, don’t worry.) I wonder how many people will recognise these objects?


Stay angry my friends.

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