Phoning it in.

Sorry guys.

I know after my last post, you are all on the edge of your seats, eager to hear more from the lyrically, magically, musically, poetically gifted artist that is my humble self.

Unfortunately, as we all know, it is difficult to cultivate creativity in two things: a messy environment, and a environment where you have no free time.

If it isn’t running errands or cleaning, it’s hanging out with friends. Truly my life is tragic.

So I’m going to leave you all with a thought.  Clean your mind space, inside and out. The place that is your sanctuary, your study or bedroom, that is the external mind space.  If it is messy, you’ll feel off.  Organise the rest of your life and your time, to clear the internal mind space.

But like most things you encounter in your life, this problem can be solved with cleaning and organising.  Which is why today I went and bought $600 of furniture especially to clear my mind space.

So, I may be getting ahead of myself here, but expect my first real (second published) short story next week.

After all, we all need to keep moving forward.


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