lorekai: Waiting for X and Y: A post dictated by iTunes.

lorekai here, not so patiently waiting for the release of Pokémon X and Y on Saturday, and having also just discovered a song on my iTunes library that I didn’t know I had. As I’m not to sure what to write about this week, aside from the fact that I wish it were Saturday, I’ve decided write a bit about something related to whatever the next five songs that come on are. Kind of weird maybe, but I’m a little bit severely lacking in inspiration.

First Song: Polonian Mall – Shoji Meguro

From the Persona 3 soundtrack, and possibly a good argument for why I shouldn’t download complete soundtracks in search of a single song, you can listen to it here if you really want. Not really off to a great start, but the song comes from one of the contenders for my absolute favourite game, so I can’t really complain. I’ve cosplayed the female protagonist from the portable version of the game, not the greatest costume ever, but I made it the the space of a week with no real idea what I was doing. I was proud of the props though, I still have the wooden naginata I made somewhere in my room. There is also a movie of this coming at some point later this year, which is pretty cool.

Second Song: Stamp on the Ground – ItaloBrothers

This a good song, but I don’t really have anything to relate it to. I first heard it in an AMV for an anime with basketball playing robots, it was pretty entertaining, you can find it here if you want to see it or alternatively the full version of the song is here.

Third Song: Chemical Plant Zone – Masato Nakamura

I think my iTunes might be trying to make me look weird, but it’s okay because Chemical Plant has great music, though I was scared of the level when I was a child. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was the first video-game I ever played and it’s always going to be one of my favourites. Some of my fondest memories are related to it, especially the year we had Sonic the Hedgehog Christmas crackers even though all the figures expect for the Robotnik ones broke.

Fourth Song: Death is the Road to Awe – Clint Mansell

A cool song, but it’s another that I don’t have much to say about. I don’t know where it’s from I just stumbled across it on Youtube and liked it, it was one of the first songs I got from the iTunes store though. You can listen to it here, and I’d really recommend it.

Fifth Song: Virtue’s Last Reward ~Piano~ – Shinji Hosoe

Yay, more video-game music, I do actually have more normal music on my iTunes but it all seems to be in hiding. This is from the Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward soundtrack you can find it here, it’s a pretty nice piece, I like it anyway. Virtue’s Last Reward is part of the Zero Escape series, though it only consists of two games it’s a pretty awesome series, if you find a copy of either it or 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors, the first game in the series, I would seriously recommend picking it up. They are very atmospheric, have multiple endings, the story has some very interesting concepts and the puzzles are a lot of fun.

That’s all for this week, I’m not sure letting iTunes decide what I post about was the best idea, but hopefully it didn’t turn out too badly. Thanks for reading, and you can probably guess from the pineapple and the title what I’ll be talking about next week.


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