7 Things I think we all learned this weekend.

1. When it comes to being creative, Windfyre is not good with deadlines.  As you can see, the short story is not done.  In fact, it’s only just been started.

2. No plan survives first contact with the enemy.  In this case, the enemy is potential cat adopters. First appointment of the weekend was cancelled, and led to extra difficulty.

3. When you’re Windfyre, think 3 times before you say or do anything.  Seriously, even a little joke with the most benign intentions can cause drama.

4. Pokemon is great this time.  It almost makes up for everything else.

5. The weight of the world is on your shoulders.  I feel like I should be solving world hunger or something.

6. Fences around your house make you feel secure. I’ve never felt so exposed as I am now, when our fences are down for the night.

7. Fences are metaphors.


Have a good night all, and I’ll keep working to deliver on my promises!

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