lorekai: Pokémon X Review

lorekai here, and I’m reviewing Pokémon X this week. I picked it up on release day and it’s been dominating my free time since then. It’s a pretty fantastic game, my initial thoughts of it were that it could be a contender for my favourite game in the series, but after having beaten the Elite Four last night it’s end up somewhere around fourth overall. Also before I continue, just as a warning for anyone who hasn’t completed the game, there may be some slight spoilers.


The basic story in this game is pretty standard pokémon fare, you travel around the region collecting badges, there is an evil team and a legendary pokémon is somehow involved. It is however more developed this time around, with added backstory to the events, and small happenings that flesh out the side characters a bit. I liked the fact that they tied the new Mega-Evolution mechanic into the storyline, and I thought that the events that happened after beating the Elite Four and the champion were quite sweet. The only complaint I really have about the story would be how quickly the player character made friends with everyone. I know I shouldn’t expect much, but the character just moved in why are they suddenly super best friends with everyone? The dancing one and the pokédex one especially, they don’t seem to contribute anything.


This game is very pretty, it’s full of colour and has some lovely scenery, even the caves are pretty. It has some really quite beautiful areas and there are a lot of little details, like some of the long grass being flowers, that make it seem like the developers wanted to create somewhere wonderful for the players to explore. The character models are pretty nice, very smooth, well presented and I had a lot of fun with the customisation. The in battle models for the pokémon were good as well, again smooth and well presented, though I was slightly surprised by the colour choices for some of the older pokémon, they seemed very pale and washed out.


The soundtrack as per all other main series pokémon games is pretty solid, there are some great tracks and none which I would consider irritating or bad. I particularly enjoyed the version of the Team Flare battle music that plays while you face their leader. Other then that I don’t think there is much else that needs to be said about the sound, it was good and I have nothing to complain about, though maybe some of the cutscenes would have benefited from voice acting.


Mega-Evolutions are fun, they’re good for stomping on everything. I didn’t really like the idea of mega-evolutions when I first heard of them, I thought them to be somewhat pointless additions, but now that I’ve used them, I’ll admit they’re a lot of fun and some of the designs are pretty cool. I only wish that more of the in game trainers used them, as this game is probably the easiest in the series and could do with some added difficulty. This is probably my one major complaint about the game, as while Pokémon as a series isn’t known for it’s difficulty, in previous games there have always been at least a couple of battles where I felt as though I’d earned my victory. I don’t usually go into the champion battle and OHKO most of their pokémon, which is unfortunately what happened in this game, it’s was kind of disappointing. I liked the addition of the fairy type though, it was a nice change, but it did make fighting dragon types a lot easier.

Outside of battling the gameplay is pretty good, the roller skates are fun and I enjoyed riding on the pokémon, though I wish I could of used my own. I also liked that the caves and routes are back to being more maze like, their change was something that disappointed me a fair amount in Black, as I enjoyed the exploration aspect. This game however is somewhat lacking in postgame content, it’s there but not to anywhere near the same extent as the previous two games in the series. There is also, as far as I have found, very little for you to do with your pokémon outside of battling, it’s disappointing as I really enjoyed the contests in R/S/E and PokéStar in Black 2 and there is just no equivalent for them in this game.

They have however made great improvements in their online system, they’ve made it a lot easier to access, and with the addition of things like the O-powers there is more reason to stay online. The GTS also seems to have improved as I haven’t yet run into any of the issues that previously made using it a chore, such as the pokémon constantly being on there but having already been traded. Also, though I’ve only had one battle online so far, it also seems to have been improved, with fewer delays and again greater ease of access.


Overall this game is fantastic, it’s fun, colourful, well presented, it’s problems are few, and it improves upon some of the aspects of previous games. If you haven’t picked it up already I’d definitely recommend it or Y, because I’m sure it’s just as good.

Thank-you for taking the time to read this, and if anyone would like to battle me, though I doubt I’ll win, feel free to comment and we can sort something out. Thanks again and I promise there will be a pineapple next week.

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  1. Yes, I’ve taken to drawing pictures of video game characters as pineapples for my posts, but unfortunately didn’t have time this week. Also that’s great, I’m sure you’ll enjoy them. – lorekai

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