The Curse of Astronomy Purchases

I’m going to rant at you all today about an affliction that has cursed all stargazers everywhere for generations untold, ever since the man Galileo Galilei looked up at Jupiter in the sky and thought to himself, “I’mma make that shit look bigger.”



Not even exaggerating, 100% of all of my astronomy/astrophotography purchases have been accompanied by anything from cloudy weather to thunderstorms.

When I bought my second telescope a few years back, it clouded over at night for five weeks straight, in late spring. I upgrade the focuser for the first time, and what do you know? Summer thunderstorms.  A new finderscope? Hahahaha, you think the forecast says good weather? NOPE. Heavy fog at night for three days.

Burn $10,000 on a mount and a new CCD camera near the end of winter this year in the driest July the state has ever had in 50 years? Mother Nature, the bitch, decides to make up for her deficit. I didn’t even get to test the setup out until late August.

I want to buy a new widefield imaging refractor? I paid for the damn thing (which was a steal, by the way, ~60% off), and literally as I turn towards the exit of the shop a storm hits. I AM THE CLOUDBRINGER, MASTER OF PRECIPITATION, THE LORD OF STORMS.

It doesn’t even just affect purchases I make either. Wildfillysama, my better (and better looking) half had bought some astro gear for my birthday, consisting of a shiny new hydrogen-beta filter and an adapter plate. I can only assume that it arrived a few weeks before the day, as in the lead-up and for a week after it was nothing but clouds, rain and unseasonably cold weather. In the middle of spring.

The icing on the cake is me replacing the focuser on my primary imaging scope to something more heavy duty, and at the very moment I receive the notification that the package had been dropped off at my home I look to the west and clouds have started peeking over the horizon. That was last Monday, and it’s been clouds and seeing like pea soup this entire week.


Truly, being amateur astrophotographer is suffering.


Stay angry my friends, I certainly will.

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