This home is a castle.

I walk around in awe.  There is an almost holy silence about the place.  Debris litters the ground, there is a stillness that only comes after the storm.

With walls on both sides that rise above even my head, the feeling is that of being alone in the world, seeing a strip of sky above.  Perhaps there is no world outside those walls, perhaps this is all that is left.

Sound is dampened, the distant noises of modern life are gone, within this fortress there is only us.

A beguiling illusion, that this is safety, an avatar, more than a symbol, that says, here we are safe, here no enemy shall tread.

But it is an illusion, for the walls are not so high, nor so thick, that our enemies, and mine demons, cannot pass over or through.

Mayhap that is the lesson, that freedom does not live within these walls, freedom from sadness, and broken hearts.

But for now I dwell inside, and they are outside, and this temple exists for me and mine.


So yeah, loving the new fence.


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