lorekai: Pre-order bonuses, a great and terrible thing.

Today I pre-ordered this:



The collector’s edition is only available through pre-order and look at all the stuff it comes with! Much to my wallet’s dismay, it completely changed the amount I was willing to spend on a HD version of two games that I already own, but that’s the joy of pre-order bonuses, collector’s editions as well I suppose. Of which, I’ll confess, I have a weakness for both. They just seem like a more complete version, whether there is additional in game content or not, and I like getting what feels like something extra with my game.

Usually I try to be sensible with my purchases, I plan them out carefully, read the reviews and find the lowest price, but the lure of a cool pre-order bonus is just too strong to ignore. I know, I’m a terrible person, here is a pineapple, thanks for reading.




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