marsy: Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is one of those games that I didn’t really think I would like, so for a few months I avoided it. After some pressuring from lorekai and a random shop assistant who was very excited by the pokeballs painted on my nails, I decided to give it a try. Greatest decision I ever made (probably). This game is so cute and fun – I was instantly won over by the adorable voice that reads out all the letters you input for your name and such. Also love that my character can roll over on the bed. Now, when I started I had a very unfortunate hairstyle (speaking of which, my hair today was held in place by 44 pins and an elastic band!) but lorekai was kind enough to let me use her hairdresser, and then kind enough to lend me a wig when it came out worse than it was. We also had a fun time hitting each other with bug-catching nets for longer than should have been enjoyable. Good times! I like to think of myself now as the benevolent mayor of Glitter, sorting the problems of my townsfolk and watering my flowers every day, but there are times when my thoughts are darker – the constant pressure to buy random junk from my villagers may cause me to snap one day, I’m sure of it. Until then though, I will continue my glorious reign – my next step is to upgrade my house to a castle! Maybe I should socialise with real people a bit more?


My favourite thing this week is the cleaning cloth for my glasses, because I have once again stuck a greasy thumbprint on them. I never learn!

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