wildfillysama: Nanowrimo

My name is wildfillysama, and I have a problem with overcommitment.

Last year, I completed Nanowrimo, the writing competition where you try to write a 50 000 word novel in one month, and I intend to do the same thing again this year.The problem? I have a Ph.D. thesis to complete, equestrian exams to study for/sit, a conference to present at, a magazine to run, and Pokémon to level up.

So, this year’s Nanowrimo will be particularly interesting.

I would also like to write something completely different to my usual genre (fantasy). I’m trying to come up with a way that makes poetry, humour and slice-of-life work together. Some horror wouldn’t go astray either. I’ve been reading a lot of Halloween/haunted house threads recently…


In case I get stuck for ideas, or suspect that I’m going down a familiar/boring path, I’m going to try to include 10 “words of the day” from http://www.dictionary.reference.com as main images/themes/things I have to mention somehow. These are:

1. phrenology

2. somnambulism

3. kelpie

4. bequeath

5. whirligig

6. promulgate

7. loblolly

8. solipsism

9. shoal

10. falderal


I have no idea what most of some of those words even mean. This is going to be fun! Will give an update next Monday on how the novel-to-be is going and how much cider has been consumed as a result.




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