Thor 2 – Electric Loki-Loo

Ta da!

Tonight the 6 angry alpha nerds went to see Thor 2.


So, who actually thought Loki died?

The final battle needed the theme from Benny Hill.  It was like a scene from Scooby Doo.  Alternatively, a Portal crossover.  Please let this be a thing.

Stop stealing Stan Lee’s shoes.  Stan Lee is a whore.

Did the stuff in London happen faster than Iron Man could get there?  Maybe the rest of the Avengers were getting drunk elsewhere.

Didn’t Selvig die?  He did something with explosions.  He destroyed that portal thingy, you know.

Distinct lack of flying tanks, but that’s ok.

Who has watched Agents of Shield?  Sounds like a cast made up of entirely James Bonds, but without the bad parts.

The Ninth Doctor has really let himself go.

Presence of guns – not ok.  Lack of magic / restriction of magic is ruining future plot opportunities…

*Insert detailed dispute over Benedict Cumberbatch, the Hobbit, Mr Shieldoak, McOakenshield, Balin the Elf, inciting Lorekai’s rage over incorrect names, cats meowing and shredding a scratching post.*

In conclusion, we enjoyed it.  Verily.  We are now looking forward to Thor 3: Thor Harder, where we will discover where Loki stashed Odin.

He’s probably in a cupboard somewhere.  They’ll find him when looking for a mop.

Windfyre: I don’t like movies giving me homework.

Marsy: I like movies that lead to fanfiction.


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