marsy: I could be studying, but surely these other things are more important?

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a university student in the run-up to exams, must find many more “important” things to do.

So, it’s one of those few times a year when I actually have to work hard. This, of course, means that I have found several other things that are much more important than studying for my exams that start in less than a week (what sort of monster puts an exam on a Saturday? It’s just cruelty!). Sick staff members at work? Sure, I can cover for them! Go see a movie? Sounds like a good use of my time! It’s hot today? Better take a nap! Other important things to do include changing my character’s outfit in Pokemon X every day, washing the car (I will take this opportunity to say that I hate kids who think it’s a wonderful idea to egg cars), visiting my Animal Crossing town every day (I’m saving up for a new bridge!), going to the supermarket when I don’t need to, going shopping in the city when I don’t even have any money to spend, reading some truly awful fanfiction because I’ve already read all the good stuff, working hard to complete the next level of Candy Crush Saga, chatting with random people online even though I never would any other time, actually eating lunch, making an effort to go to the gym more often, changing my nail polish almost daily, and anything else I can think of that isn’t study (I’m thinking I might rearrange my room in this coming week).

This is something I do every study break, and it usually leads to me cursing my past self viciously the day before each exam (past me is a jerk, seriously!). I do seem to learn better under pressure though, so that’s something. This year is especially hectic though because I have a driving test coming up and my best friend’s wedding (I’ve accepted that I’m pretty much her bitch until it’s done) just after exams. Throw in Christmas shopping and the heat of summer (‘straya!) to tire me out and you have a marsy who has so many things to do and is doing none of them. At least I’m getting my blog post done?

My favourite thing this week seems to be napping, as I’ve been doing it pretty much every day.

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