lorekai: Why is it weird to walk a cat?

This is Artemis, you may remember her from wildfillysama’s post here. 












She loves going for walks, in fact the mere sight of her harness and leash turns her into a strong contender for perhaps the happiest and most excited cat in the world, yet when people find out about this they have some very varied responses. Some laugh, some ask why, and those I think are both perfectly reasonable responses, but then there are those who seem to take great offense to fact I walk my cat, and they just confuse me.

Why is there such aversion to walking cats? It’s very easy to teach them to walk on a lead, and it allows them to enjoy the outside world without any of the risks to them. Furthermore it helps to take away one of the major arguments that I’ve heard quite a few people use to try and validate their dislike of cats, that they are a threat to native wildlife, as on a leash they are supervised and therefore unable to go after prey.

Maybe I am weird for walking my cat, but I could never deny her the outside and to me her continued health and safety are far more important than what random strangers think. I don’t know, people also think it’s weird that she plays fetch.

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