Marvel Week, Part 2: Just Like Skyping

It haunted him, the curiosity.  Ever since he woke up in the wreckage of that warehouse, the thought of the Hulk naked lit his loins on fire.

The security guard’s eyes had held a mixture of awe and envy as he handed Bruce the well-worn trousers.

Bruce now lay back on his bed in the Stark Tower, still fully dressed.  He stared up at the large ceiling mirror above.  There was one above every bed in the building, and some of the couches.  Thor and Black Widow had threatened Tony with severe bodily harm if they ever found him on their beds, with or without someone else.

Many people know that the Hulk was Bruce’s reflection.  Not many knew that it could be literal.  The Hulk glared at Bruce from the ceiling mirror.  Although every angle of the Hulk’s body screamed defiance, Bruce knew he wanted this release too.

Bruce closed his eyes to gather his courage, and unbuckled his belt with a gasp of anticipation.

Wah Pomf Hulk

I’m sorry, this is all I’m releasing for now.  The rest doesn’t feel right to publish yet, and quite frankly, it gets gross.  Apparently there’s a fine line between gross and lemon.  Who knew?

Look forward to the rest of the week!  I know I am.

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