marsy: Avengers/Marvel Week

This is marsy, now posting on Wednesdays (anit the flea will be posting on Sundays from now on). Continuing on with the theme of this week, I’ve been assigned something that truly challenges me – not only do I have to write something, but I have to write something Pepper/JARVIS themed. This will be interesting.



It haunted her, the thought of Tony disappearing into that portal. The thought of never seeing him again was what convinced Pepper how much she needed the Iron Man in her life, and how much she wanted him right now.

“JARVIS, do you know where Tony is?” Her search of his usual spots was unsuccessful. “I need him for something.”

“I’m afraid the Avengers were called out, Miss Potts, but perhaps I can assist you?” The A.I. responded.

“Oh no, not at all. I don’t think this is something you could help me with.” Was the stammered reply.

“Mr Stark has programmed me to help you in any way possible, Miss Potts. If you need anything then I am happy to provide in whatever way is necessary.”

Pepper blushed “It’s personal, and physical. It’s really something that I could use Tony’s help with. It’s not important though. He’s busy, I get it.” The embarrassment was clear in her tone.

“Miss Potts, allow me to say that although I can’t give you exactly the kind of assistance you require, I can perhaps help you to help yourself with verbal instructions. After all, I was designed to be able to assist in any way possible.”


Right, it’s safe to say that I will never be continuing that.

My favourite thing for this week is not writing awful fanfiction.

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