Avengers Challenge part 6

We’ll be ending the week with some lesbinems; Natasha Romanov (The Black Widow) and Agent Maria Hill,

It haunted her at night, knowing the only thing between her and the widow was a wall.

Agent Maria Hill stood against everything the widow was, it was torture seeing the trust Fury placed in Shield’s dirty secret. Hill outperformed every agent save for Natasha Romanov and her idiotic recruiter, it burned to be so close she was almost bunking with the monster.

Never mind that she was always stealing Maria’s things – even her hairbrush! When she walked onto the bridge without the bun as up tight as she was giggles ensued and accusations of indecency and then Maria had to punch out some other agents and then she’d get reprimanded. After all that Romanov would swan on in and toss the brush at her, walking past with so much disinterest it made Maria want to throw up.

When she found fluffy red hairs tangled in it she snapped. She stormed the widow’s room and threw the brush as hard as she could. It bounced of Natasha’s stomach and fell down the side of the bed.


“Stop. Breaking. Into. My. Room.” Maria was a mess, tangled and half dressed with her undershirt falling off her shoulders. Natasha just crooked an eyebrow, the feigned innocence never reaching her eyes which remained looking, as always, dead.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” The widows perfect freaking face never let out anything but lies. How could Fury find her so worthy of his trust?!

“You’re lying, my whole room smells of Eau de Hoe!” There was a tiny glimmer of a smile. Fine, if the bitch only responded to insults, Maria could make her point just fine.

“For a spy you leave a lot of your shit behind when you leave, how have you managed to keep your treacherous head this long?”

“I never leave evidence, only bait.”

Bait? Was she looking for a fight? Never had the widow looked her in the eye so long, it was distressing how blank her face was. Natasha reached down the side of her bed and pulled out the ‘bait’ in question then held it in front of her chest, plucking her damn perfect hair out of it.

“Why are you baiting me?”

“Why not?”

“That’s not an answer.”

“I don’t answer questions, I’m a spy Agent Hill, a good one.” Maria ground her teeth.

“Are you saying I’m not?”

“No, you’re a soldier, no spy could ever be so obvious.” Natasha twirled a little bit of her hair, pulled loose of the brush, in front of her face.

“You think when we pass in the hall that I don’t look at you.” Maria felt uncomfortably warm.

“It’s pretty hard to make eye contact with you when you’re looking everywhere but my face. At first I thought you felt threatened, but you never said anything to Fury so it was clearly something more embarrassing than that.” Natasha was staring her straight in the eye, Maria wanted to tear back out of the room.

“You want me… and I’m inclined to let you have me.” She could have fainted for all the blood trying to rush to her head and down to her body.

“I’m not a toy.” Maria managed to choke out.

“I know,” She was being pushed gradually into the wall, when did the widow get so close?!

“I don’t play with toys.” Those stupid perfect lips were on her cheek, barely touching her and leaving a faint red smear in their wake. Maria’s back hit the wall and Natasha slammed her roughly against it, the most erotic chaste kiss ever turning into it’s knee weakening lip based counterpart. Hands were running up and down her sides, pulling her undershirt loose and making her gasp as the widow slid her hands underneath it. The red lips moved to her ear as one hand stoked her ribs and the other grasped roughly at her breast.

Maria shrieked into Natasha’s hair, tugging at her bodysuit, finding the zip and pulling the leather-Lycra-whatever it was aside to reach Natasha’s chest. The professional seductress was muttering dirty ideas into her ear and pulling at her bra. Maria could feel her head go foggy and knew the widow had won. Natasha’s hands were pulling at her belt and pushing beneath her waistband. She dropped her head back against the wall and moaned into the air above the busy red head.

That bring Avengers week to a close; we hope you all had fun. I have work tomorrow so that’s all folks!

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