Wildfillysama: Nanowrimo – over the halfway mark

Day 18 of Nanowrimo. I’m on 28,303 words and have to do some serious writing tonight to get back on track to finish on time. Writing is going ok, but plot is proving illusive and cheesy. When all this is over, so much editing bleach is going to be used… or maybe cheesiness may end up being its charm? It sure as hell needs some kind of charm.

Happenings in story thus far:

1. Isolanthe needs to learn what “stranger danger” means.

2. Ludo is a neckbeard without a beard. But at least he shares his chips.

3. Marlin needs a good kicking. It may have to come in the form of a fedora.

4. Everyone is obsessed with making tea. I think my subconscious is trying to type me something.

5. Writing Pegasus is exactly like writing a horse, but then putting a human face on his behaviour.

Other than that, brain has hit the mush side of Nanowrimo. So. Sick. Of. Forced. Writing. I suspect that last week’s challenge didn’t help matters much.

On that note, here’s a footnote from last week:




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