lorekai: How not to write a post.

7:31pm : You know I really don’t know what to write about this week, off into the abyss that is the internet I go.

8:37pm: I’ve been sitting with this open for about an hour now, and I still have nothing, except that my iTunes seems obsessed with the Tales of Symphonia soundtrack.

8:40pm – 8:48pm: Artemis came into my room, climbed all over my desk and keyboard, contributing more to this post than I had, before being removed for climbing on the fish-tank and trying to steal my chair.

8:53pm: Finished failing at Candy Crush Saga.

9:00pm: Still nothing, though iTunes seems to have switched to the Tales of the Abyss soundtrack.

9:01pm: Nope, I was wrong back to Symphonia.

9:08pm: Successfully cleared a level of Candy Crush saga, promptly failed the next one.

9:15pm: When did I get this song? What is this song?

9:26pm: Still nothing, and I’m running out of time.

9:28pm: Return of the Artemis, this time in cuddly mode, as well as a brief visit from Badger.

9:32pm: The lure of the fish-tank was too great.

9:45pm: How many songs are on this soundtrack? iTunes is definitely on shuffle everything…

9:46pm: I give up, need to leave soon anyway.

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