wildfillysama: Nanowrimo, the finishing line.

Last night I broke 40,000 words in a fit of hastily produced, awfully thought-out prose. I skipped out on writing for a few days and had to make up for it in very rapid style. But still, the finish line in now in sight!

Currently I am in Canberra to attend a conference. Hoping to find time to write in between listening to papers and furiously writing my own. Living dangerously.

The flights over to Canberra were rather exciting. While flying from Western Australia to Sydney, there was some rather unpleasant weather. Lightning was going on outside the plane window, and the plane itself was having happy fun times with gravity. I was dozing off as the plane came into landing but was rudely awoken by the plane suddenly dipping a lot, and the entire cabin screaming and waving its arms. First time that’s ever happened. Landed just fine, but felt a tad motion sick. Ate two Krispy Kremes and a strawberry milkshake as a consolation. Felt much better, but then had to get on an even smaller, noisier plane to get to Canberra.

Haven’t met any politicians yet. Hit count is therefore at 0. Will update if get arrested.

Now, off to write poetry analysis! And another 10k words for Nanowrimo…





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