Our favourite DBZ characters

Girls night apparently – Windfyre and Ebolabooze are busy…ish.

Beer and watching Dragon Ball Z Kai. Yay, girls’ night…

This led to discussion on which character was best with everyone except Lorekai being convinced they had the inside scoop.

marsy: The obvious answer is Piccolo. Dat cape. Dat mysterious wind. Dat unresolved parental issue. Dat consistency. Dat inspirational revival scene.

Watch from 5:28, or watch all of it with your eyes shut. Try not to giggle.

anit the Flea: Gohan is my vote. For the mullet. But oh God all that unfulfilled potential 😦

images (10)

wildfillysama: Supreme Kai is best character. Hardly any screen time, hardly any use in any way at all, but still best character. Purple. Mohawk. Passive aggressive. Email to ask for the full essay.

download (15)


lorekai: Vegeta or Turtle…


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