wildfillysama: Nanowrimo – Some Reflections

The end result of Nanowrimo….

… 50,059 words!

That being said, most of it is unreadable garbage. The rest is homeless character development looking for a plot to nurture it. It evolved into some weird chimera-story: partly Young Adult, partly fantasy, and all dislocated. In summation, I like the characters, but the plot is wafer thin and not worth pursuing.

At least I learned something, I guess?

Or maybe I just learned that I like my other story with its obnoxious characters and massive plot better. I promise to treat you better, larger, more unwieldy story!

In the course of writing for Nanowrimo, I found several motivational items that I would now like to share.

1. Krispy Kremes.

2. Other, less appealing things to write.

3. Pictures on the internet (found while avoiding work).

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In summary… Nanowrimo was completely worthwhile. It’s painful, annoying, and so is most of the writing that comes out of it, but it’s still one step closer to being a better writer than Stephanie Meyer.



One response to “wildfillysama: Nanowrimo – Some Reflections

  1. Stephen King is the man. While he isn’t the greatest writer himself, he seems to have a pretty good eye for good writing. And congrats on winning NaNo! I fell short by a few (thousand) words, but I’m still happy with what I’ve done so far. I guess I should have properly motivated myself with Krispy Kremes. That could have done the trick.

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