How many cats does it take to screw in my head? Oh, and MTG.

Apparently, sixteen.

So, one of the things I wanted to talk about when we started this blog was Magic: the Gathering.  I, and most of the other Nerds, profess some interest in it.  For some, it was a fair bit more than interest.  And while I have never even gone interstate in tournaments, nor even won a meaningful tournament, my claim to fame, which I am claiming, with not much fame, is this:

I am one of the best original deck builders in our city.  Maybe the best, who knows.

Cue the intercept from our favourite alcoholic plague?  EB, just go with me on this.

Original, you ask?  I did what nearly everyone here does, I copy-pasted a deck from the mtg official website, listed under ‘current most tournament winning deck’.  I took it for a night, I got second place overall.  Luck of the draw determined that I didn’t come first.

What fun.  I played out the same tired combo, the same opening move, won the same way, lost the same way.  No good.

But where I am a good, bordering on great, player, I rocked deck development.  Possibly from sheer numbers.  I worked a phone job, and my note-taking note-pad received 30 to 50 new ideas and concepts for deck building every day.

Some, I managed to build.  I took them to tournaments.  And while I never won, I had great games, challenged the current paradigm, and even inspired some people to bring clones in the following weeks.  It felt good to be creative.

And that is what MTG is for me, a chance to be creative, to let my passion drive me to use cards disregarded in high level play and to do the things I want because they are fun, as well as play well.

So once my physical mind-space is cleaned up and the scattered cards, both real and metaphorically in my mind have been cleaned up, it will be time to build again.  And that is what I will be sharing here.

Now, to get those shelves up.  My physical collection is all over the place, and that means my brain is too.

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