lorekai: Adventures in Gardening

So what happens when I have a bag of dirt, some empty flower pots, and too much free time?




Also chives-to-be, but as I only planted them yesterday they’re not nearly as exciting.

Now I’ll be honest, the full extent of my knowledge of gardening is pretty much, point water at plants so they stay green, if not green point more water at them, also weeds are bad. Not that I always know which plants are weeds…

Despite this, and my general dislike of dirt, bugs, outside, and sunlight, I’ve been having a surprising amount of fun mucking about in the garden, making uninformed decisions about what to plant. Seeds that they happen to have in stock at the supermarket that I might use, probably not the best way to make a decision. I just wish we had more empty flower pots, as we’re running out of little ones and I don’t think I could fill the bigger ones with what is left of the bag of dirt. While I could go buy more, the combination of unemployment and Christmas has not been kind on my wallet.

Either way gardening is surprisingly fun, (except weeding, weeding is hateful, and boring, and dirty, and I hate it)  and at least somewhat productive, so I’ll probably be continuing to muck around with it, and posting here about how it grows.

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