Terrible Baby Names

Lorekai: Ogradwell

Marsy: Eggert, Blade, Steel and Geronimo.

Ebolabooze: Sebastian (ebolabooze dodged a bullet)

anit the Flea: Agatha, Bertha, Beatrice

Everyone: Olga… Olga Myrtle…

wildfillysama: Ethelbert, Vinson,

Marsy: Bobetha,

*interjections discussing how one spells the above and how awesome the name Boba Fett is*

Lorekai: Animal, knew a guy who changed his name to Michael because his parents named him the former.

Ebolabooze: Pigdog. My nickname at home.

Marsy: Dad called me bum fluff once. Couldn’t recall my name.

wildfillysama: Daughter number etc.

anit the Flea: Aunt used to call me and my siblings 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Lorekai: Sponni

Marsy: Pookiekins and Shnufflemuffin

Ebolabooze: Duckworth

Lorekai: Sponnispicklehead

Marsy: I got called My-Hairy-Hooters. wildfillysama got frogspawn.

Lorekai: Zipboing.

Marsy: Little brother gets Spud and Scooty Puff Jr. North West.

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