wildfillysama: 100 posts!

Today is our 100th post! Woooooooo!

To celebrate (and also to bask in the fact that no other Angry Alpha Nerds are scheduled to post today) I am going to take this chance to spam pictures that amuse me! Also, I’ve received a huge pile of work to do and although the lure of Skyrim and Cheezels has never been stronger, I should really go and see to it…

To the next 100 posts!

tumblr_ltu9tpUzb31qewacoo1_500 1331588907396s tumblr_ly2d382DcB1qi64luo1_500 funny-cat-pictures-mama-needs-a-cocktail pokmon-the-meaning-of-life-would-have-been-obvious1 my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-brony-when-the-fanfiction-is-that-bad 7pS9wpZO80m7H2fWHSFrhw2 tumblr_m775xbI7V01rpsybao1_500 tumblr_m6kv0ian871rtjsq2o1_500 tumblr_m7dvpmKYnY1qkx6vso1_500 4b33_I5DgESLfX2V46JsHw2




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