Healthy eating

Hi all,

I had the pleasure this week to help make some delicious choc-chip cookies.  What surprised me was that they were labelled healthy.  As far as I could tell, the only sacrifice made for lower everything content was that they used skim milk instead of milk.  Leaving intact the butter, brown sugar and full fat chocolate, and lots of it.

In the spirit of that recipe, I’d like to come up with a couple more:

Healthy bacon:

Cook bacon, wrap bacon around stick of butter.  To reduce fat content, dab bacon with paper towel to absorb oils.  Healthier than not dabbing!

Healthy pizza:

Empty a bag of grated cheese on the pizza before cooking.  As you eat, reflect on how you could have used less cheese.  The thinking will burn additional calories.

Healthy donuts:

Buy donuts.  Brush some of the sugar off before eating.  Every little bit helps.


That’s it guys, everything else I came up with boiled down to eating a stick of butter.  Just remember, if you’re going to have junk food, do something snall to make yourself feel better.  Buy 4 large chips from McDonalds and leave 2 or 3 individual chips so you didn’t finish it all.

It’s all about attitude.

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