marsy: Christmas shopping, a.k.a. reasons why marsy is poor – December edition.

It’s that time of year full of joy, cheer, and the spirit of giving. Christmas is something that I’m sure many of us associate with being broke. For me, I have 5 family members to shop for, as well as several friends, which leaves me with a very sad wallet (student life has is perks – being rich is not one of them). This year I also had to add some last minute names to my gift list when I was informed by another friend that my Christmas present was in the post, meaning that I had to buy a gift for them now. I most likely sound very ungrateful, but I did not budget for extra people! I’m also very guilty of spending just a bit more than intended on individual gifts, which adds up to quite a lot more in total! There’s also the sales. I am a weak person and I like buying things. Sales are cruel to me when I can’t buy things for myself. Such suffering. My life is so hard. Please apply sarcasm where you feel it is appropriate.

Complaints aside, I really do love Christmas. The carols drive me crazy and I’m horrified that the decoration sales started in September, but I always feel cheerful when December starts.

I don’t really have a favourite thing this week, but my favourite thing that happened this week was that my best friend got married. Congratulations to her and her new husband!

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