wildfillysama: All I want for Xmas…

Since we’re nearly at Christmas, the peak of overindulgence, today seemed like a good day to mention some of the things that I’d like to get! Now, these are all extremely unlikely, but it’s nice to share delusions with the internet instead of keeping them entirely to yourself (or at least, that’s certainly the gist I get from every comments section on every website ever).

Without further ado… my wishlist!

555930_10152079912706648_781947451_nIf only… a big, dressage-inclined Friesian horse with extra fancy feet/mane/tail/beard would be awesome!

tumblr_mxt4c7H2eT1qba5xuo1_500ALL OF THESE UNICORNS

Shetland-ponies-007And finally, an assortment of Shetlands, to start assembling the small army I have planned…

Alternatively, I’ll continue to make plans of world-equine-domination in my own time and save Christmas for stuffing my face and rolling around on the floor, surrounded by fairy lights and wrapping paper and cats attacking said wrapping paper. That works too!

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