DM prep is hard.

So I’m going to be running a one-shot campaign with minimal prep time, and not even a skeleton of a plot in a little more that 12 hours. As I’m writing this, I have a little more than one hour to get a blog post done.


A small consolation is that I’ll be taking so many liberties with my mother culture’s history that it is hilarious.


This brings back to mind high-school essays, and trying to write a couple thousand words in the space of a few hours. I type at 50 words-per-minute, on average, so that’s 110 minutes to write out a fully-fleshed, well-thought-out, nicely-concluded one-shot campaign.


Best case scenario.


I am so screwed.


In other news, a crack team of five magical girls is sent by master strategist Zhuge Liang into a nest of demons, to assassinate the great Cao Cao himself.


Stay angry my friends.

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