Friday Free-for-all: Funny Pictures Time!

Yes, it’s that time again! Here are some of the funny pictures that we have seen of recent. Not included are vast amounts of fanfiction links, a dubious video about Luigi, and all the pictures saved to anit the flea’s netbook, and lorekai can’t remember what she’s got. Enjoy!








lorekai: Thinking Final Fantasy part one

With the release of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII drawing ever closer, I thought I’d would use this chance to talk about the main series Final Fantasy games, or at least the ones I’ve played. MMORPGs aren’t my thing and having the money purchase a copy of FFI has never coincided with me finding a copy of it.







Version played: PSP

I think this game gets more hate than it deserves, I’ll admit I didn’t have the best first impression of it, I spent the first few hours completely lost until I ended up somewhere where the enemies completely slaughtered me and then I had to try and make my way back with minimal health and no recovery items. Once I got past that, and got used to the somewhat unusual level up system, I had a surprisingly good time with it. The story is sufficiently interesting, and the characters are decent, though fairly standard archetypes. The soundtrack is also decent, though somewhat forgettable when compared to the rest of the series.







Version played: DS

This game is one of my least favourite in the series, I don’t hate it, but I find it very lacking. The story is predictable and the characters bland, the only redeeming features are the job system and the soundtrack. Don’t get me wrong, the game isn’t bad, but when compared to the other games in the series it just can’t compete.









Version played: GBA, DS, PSP

I like this game, I like it quite a lot, so much so I own three copies of it. It was one of the games that introduced me to the series, either the second or third in it that I played, though I’m not sure the first game I played really counts. It is a very well constructed game, the story is great, it’s twists are interesting and there are some touching moments, it also has a diverse and entertaining cast characters, that seemingly set the standard for a lot of jrpg archetypes. The soundtrack, I’m just going to say that it’s very good and leave it at that, otherwise I could go on about it for ages, and it’s not even close to my favourite in the series.

FF5 logo--article_image




Version played: GBA

This is another game in the series that I think gets more hate than it deserves, in fact when I bought it the shop assistant tried very hard to convince me not to, and only when I told him the other games in the series that I owned did he relent, he also gave me a discount on it for being such big a Final Fantasy fan. I have an unreasonable fondness for this game, the story is pretty average, and the characters a bit shallow, but the job system, and the soundtrack, Clash on  the Big Bridge and  my favourite version of the Chocobo theme. This game also has Faris, my favourite character in the entirety of the series, also the only character in the game who recieved more than just a token amount of development. I just adore this game, when people point out it’s flaws I can see where they’re coming from and I agree with them, but it doesn’t change my opinion of it at all.





Version played: GBA

When I said IV had a diverse cast of characters, this game takes that and then goes even further, with fourteen possible party members, and none of them playing the role as main character. The story is interesting, quite intricate in parts, and has a surprisingly dark tone, especially in later parts of the game. This game’s soundtrack, as well as the game itself, is a close contender for my favourite game in the series, there are just so many beautiful pieces, though I’ll admit I do find the battle theme quite forgettable.

Next week will be VII through XII, excluding XI, thanks for reading.

marsy: Another short post!

I have a flight to catch today, so this is another short post from me. It will be a recap of my week.

Thursday: Worked. Unpacked so many boxes of books.

Friday: Worked. Unpacked more boxes of books. Cleaned up glass from smashed shop door.

Saturday: Worked. Still unpacking boxes of books (delivery of about 25 boxes arrived that week!). Looked after anit the flea and Windfyre’s cats. They are nice cats. I like cats.

Sunday: Worked. Unpacking boxes of books all day on Australia Day (no celebrating for me!).

Monday: Did nothing constructive all day and it was amazing and I loved it and I miss it already. Unashamed to admit that I read a lot of Hobbit slash fanfiction.

Tuesday: Went ice skating, was fun. Didn’t hurt myself (everyone was surprised) but lorekai did (accidentally typed died at first. This is how rumours start). Watched Frozen again. Frozen is a good movie. Tuesday was pretty decent.

Wednesday (today!): Worked. Three boxes arrived that needed unpacked. One had plush microbes instead of books. Now getting ready for flight to Hong Kong.


Favourite thing this week: It was Monday. Monday was the best part of this week (and that’s a crazy thing to say).

wildfillysama: Phoenix Wright

Today has been a very Phoenix Wright-fandom type of day. This is only a slight variation from everyday, in that more time was spent writing fanfiction than usual.


I have a thing about this series. My phone’s message tone is “Objection!” The phone case matches.

I intend to cosplay Miles Edgeworth (Ace Attorney version) at an upcoming anime convention on 1-2 March. Again. Normally I make costumes from scratch, but bitter experience has confirmed for me that I really CANNOT make a magenta suit from scratch. Ebay has come to my rescue this time, so I only have to make minor alterations by hand.

Pictorial evidence of my first attempt at an Edgeworth cosplay comes up on the first page of google image search. I believe in leaving hilariously bad pictures where they are. Kind of looking forward to making a before-and-after cosplay photo though.

So, why Phoenix Wright?

1. The game is full of snide humour. A good source of hilarious quotes can be found here:

2. The manga is crack-tastic.


3. The official artwork is just as suss/hilarious as the fanart.



4. Every single character is insane, but not all of them are immediately obvious about it.


5. The fanvideos.


In brief, go and play the games. Regret nothing ever again.


Animal Crossing Adventures!


lorekai and marsy had an adventure in Glitter (the other Angry Alpha Nerds weren’t invited)


Fauna and marsy waiting for the action to start!


Dance party on the bench, we’re so cool!


“It’s so mellow!”


“It’s so mellow!”


Jitters warned marsy of this attack, but she didn’t listen. Or attempted axe murdering gone wrong.


Drum duet, yeah! Rocket didn’t clap, the bitch.


marsy is good at tidying? Good thing lorekai has an eye patch.


Wheat! It’s so mellow!


marsy’s Animal Crossing room is like her real room.


“Push your furniture to the walls!” “But I like it like this”


The great light battle of our era, lights go on, lights go off.


“Check my fabulosity!”


Groucho wanted a friendlier greeting, the fool.


“We can do it!”


“Check out my aurora dance!”


“Wait, you were taking photos?”


Going out clubbing on a Friday night!


Don’t like almonds or salad…


“Stop watering the ocean, you’ll get it wet.”


Really? So modest…


This is why marsy can’t have nice things, also known as, lorekai likes to vandalise signs!


Some of you might get this reference…

HNI_0040At least lorekai posed!

marsy: My Legend of Zelda problem

Hi, I’m marsy and I’m a Zeldaholic. My problem started many years ago, with a lovely little game called Ocarina of Time. Now, when I first started playing, I had to get wildfillysama to play through all the difficult/scary bits (Dodongo’s Cavern was not a happy place for me), but since then I’ve played by myself a few times. Just a few. I haven’t lost count. Not even a little. And I totally haven’t played through all versions for different consoles several times. Who would do that? Not me. I will admit that I was able to tell my little brother exactly what bit he was stuck on based entirely on the sounds I heard while doing something else. I am both proud and deeply ashamed. Ocarina of Time will always be my favourite game and if you haven’t played it then go do that now.

While I haven’t played all of the Zelda games (the moon in Majora’s Mask still terrifies me and I just can’t bring myself to play more because I freak out whenever I look around and see that THE MOON IS GETTING CLOSER! RUN AWAY! WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?!), I have certainly played enough. Not that I will ever have had enough. There is also quite a build up of Zelda themed stuff in my life, including (and probably not limited to) 4 posters, 6 figurines, 1 posable figma Link that wildfillysama and lorekai got me for Christmas, my replica ocarina of time, a shirt, triforce earrings, a copy of the Hyrule Historia, and my limited edition Legend of Zelda 3DS XL. I mustn’t forget the spiritual stone necklace and heart container charm I have coming in the post. Also all the games that I have. So many games.

So I have a bit of an obsession. It’s not hurting anyone (only my dignity and finances) and it keeps me out of trouble.

Now I will add the song of storms, and hope that it chases all the hot weather away.