marsy: Long drives are great with me.

I’ll start by wishing everyone a happy new year! Myself, wildfillysama, and EbolaBooze are currently staying with some friends who are about a 5 hour drive away from home, and I wish for everyone to know that I am the best driving companion. Ever. Mostly because of my amazingly wonderful playlists. My favourite thing to do during a long drive is to watch the look of despair on EbolaBooze’s face when he realises that my ipod is being plugged in and the music is starting. And then the continued despair every time a new song starts. Delicious despair. At least wildfillysama appreciates my efforts (I think). Aside from that I think I’m alright to drive with, except for my terrible singing, my carsickness, and my tiny bladder. I’m good at handing out snacks from the esky in the backseat at least!

My favourite thing this week: Celebrations! Have fun everyone!

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