Group Post: Weirdest and Worst Anime

This week we will name the worst and weirdest anime series that we have each ever watched. Abandon hope all ye who enter (especially if these are your favourites. You poor, misguided soul).

Usually we scrub bad anime from our brains, so it’s hard to recall titles immediately. Debates about manga versus anime and a cute kitten in a blanket ensue.

Windfyre: Neon Genesis Evangelion. Insert unanimous conversation about how awful and incomprehensible the movie was. Sometimes I also go wandering and find bad things… Infinite Stratos should be counted among those things.

wildfillysama: Dvd 5 of Saiyuki. I had to throw in the towel after that rubbish OC-insert episode. Not exactly an amazing series to begin with, but come on! (I went back to the manga… and the fanfiction.)

EbolaBooze: Kakumeiki Valvrave. I watched the first episode and skipped through most of it because it was so incredibly cringeworthy. I promptly dropped it and looked up spoilers. Apparently, space vampires.

marsy: THE ONE PIECE DUB. Windfyre also tried to watch it and gave up, went back to the manga. Every time you feel like sobbing, take a drink. Every time you see a lollipop or a cork gun, take a drink. I can still hear the theme song in my head, in my nightmares…

anit the flea and lorekai: The breast milk one. Nuff said. Seikon no Qwaser. Don’t google it. EbolaBooze suggests to alternatively do search it, at work, in front of your boss. Both anit and lorekai are unanimous in its horrors, since they are pretty hard to top.

Further discussion ensues about how many hours have been lost in the name of such horrible series. Let’s take a moment’s silence to remember those hours, and search for better stuff to watch.

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