Irrelevance… I’m doing it right, right?

Guess what I did all day today.

cd9c305007a576a45740b1a1105dde4fI believe I am not alone in having a serious pinterest problem…

9ebb540418d7e2460619cd4455cfd8a6It’s a bigger time waster than freaking tv tropes!

7927d92861ed43f72a60d83a8e9ba10eIt’s not like I’m about to try out anything I find! *please refer to the above image

Nonetheless, enjoy some of my day’s “work”…

11331a1abb0b85ef24d57cf79ea91170cd8a1c713d107b6b0d900a7291b58f9fb653e8d6cb2672acb8ae9ccd175be3301ca3ef43a497b961564aacb1728ac2fdb0f29a58d2ab59ece6821d6f6d3df8eb4a7ae730834503122ddd9291aed37cedbf09498e1480724c8f8dade80bfd23829dceeddec3776940b2fd8cbca4c8aec5That’s probably enough of this junk for one day…

~anit the Flea






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